A New Kind of Freedom.
How did he feel about the decision later?
A New Kind of Freedom.
What convinced Johann to go to America?
450 acres of land.
Mollys Dream
What will she have to do to make her dream come true?
Move to the new world.
Mollys Dream
What dream does Molly have?
A house that was at the side of the village with a pond geese,ducks,and a dog.

Essential Questions

Why don't people think, act and speak the same way we do?
1 They are from a different country-Some people are from Africa while some are from Antarctica.
2They speak a different language-Some people speak Japanese while some speak African.
3They might be deaf, blind or mute-Like Hellen Keller.

Why do people move?
1They want to move.-They want to explore.
2They need more money.-They are poor.
3They are forced to move.-For instance the cowboys chased the indians away.
4They want to practice their religon.
5There was more land.